American Lawnscape is a full-service lawn tech provider. We are proudly based out of Prosper, TX and are currently looking to add new clients to our ever-growing family of lawn care partners in Prosper, McKinney, Frisco, Plano and Celina.

We Provide:

Fertilizer and Weed Control Treatments

The same attention to detail that I applied as a Golf Course Superintendent; I apply to each individual lawn. Your lawn treatment program is designed to specifically address the needs of your turf and ornamentals. We use only Professional Grade Products and will design a program that is effective and flexible enough to be adjusted as weather and turf conditions change.

Mosquito/Insect Control

It's hard to enjoy your beautiful green lawn when the kids are getting bit by mosquitos and the dog is covered in ticks. We have solutions to keep the whole family happy and pest free.

Army Worms aren't always a problem but when they infest, they can eat your entire lawn overnight. We are proactive when they attack and eliminate the problem caterpillars in one treatment.


Hedge Trimming/Flower Bed Clean Up/Mulching

This includes hedge trimming, cutting back of seasonal grasses, leaf removal, tree trimming, mulching and anything else that needs to be done to beautify areas other than your turf.

Landscape Lighting

Quality Landscape Lighting can add so much to your already beautiful home. A whole new look and dimension can be achieved to illuminate your home and hardscape to create a unique world after the sun goes down. We provide design consultation and the best American-made products in the business. 

​Soil Composition Testing

Our soil testing service provides us an initial road map that dictates the unique and detailed plan that we establish for your lawn. Much like your physician wouldn't just start prescribing you random medication before you are examined, soil testing gives us a detailed compositional diagnosis of your lawn. We don't like to guess or just throw your money on your lawn hoping that something works. Starting with scientific facts, we develop a treatment program that is unique to your own personal ecosystem.


Should you have your lawn aerated? I get this question quite a bit and it is a no-brainer. Yes, you most definitely should have your lawn aerated. Ideally, lawns should at least be aerated and over seeded every year in the spring to ensure health and sustainability.

Even lawns that are installed perfectly should be core aerated. Most of our lawns are not installed terribly well, though (including mine). Poor, rocky, compacted soil with sod thrown on top is what most of us are faced with in North Texas. We are at a disadvantage right out of the gate. Our service opens up your lawn to ensure that nutrients, water and oxygen are available to the root system, resulting in a healthy, green lawn.

Keep it Green!

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Douglas L. Ringer

American Lawnscape
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